LifeSmarts in a Box: Teaching Toolkit

A teaching toolkit for educators, LifeSmarts in a Box will jump-start your LifeSmarts experience by providing activities to complement curriculum and enhance classroom instruction.jtp_8997

LifeSmarts in a Box provides educators with a working set of consumer concepts, keywords, and content vocabulary activities to enliven instruction within the classroom (and in settings beyond the traditional classroom). Aligned with Common Core, the toolkit also includes critical thinking questions, LifeSmarts competition questions, and additional resources.

LifeSmarts in a Box objectives:

  1. Develop awareness and understanding of consumer and financial literacy vocabulary.
  2. Explain and apply consumer education concepts.
  3. Create a framework for acquisition and retention of consumer content vocabulary.
  4. Provide an academic game model to increase the attention and engagement of learners.

LifeSmarts provides teens with the skills and knowledge they need to evaluate risks and opportunities and make informed decisions in the marketplace. Lifejtp_9402Smarts in a Box complements this by providing tools educators can use to implement LifeSmarts more fully with their teams and classrooms.

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