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    Enviornment: Learn More

    These external resources were used to write current environment questions for this program year. These resources correspond with the "word of the day" feature and weekly vocabulary quiz. These links are provided as a convenience and are not an endorsement by LifeSmarts.

    Health hazards
      Black lung-- Mine Safety and Health Administration/ Dept. of Labor
    Response and Sustainability
    Ecosystem changes
    Natural disasters and waste management
      Food waste-- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
      Wastewater-- U.S. Geological Survey: Wastewater Treatment Water Use
      E-waste-- Los Angeles County: What is Electronic Waste?
      Food waste-- National Consumers League: Wasted: Solutions to the American Food Waste Problem
      Recycle-- EPA: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Buy Recycled
      Reduce-- EPA: Student's Guide to Climate Change
      Reuse-- EPA: Reducing and Reusing Basics
      Buffer-- USDA: Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation
    Atmosphere, Water & Land
      Erosion-- National Geographic: Weathering and Erosion
      Energy Star-- Energy Star: The Next Generation of ENERGY STAR Certified new Homes
      Ethanol-- Consumer Reports: The Great Ethanol Debate
      R-value-- FTC: Home Insulation: It's All About the R-Value
      Extinction-- OneGreenPlanet: 5 Reckless Consumption Habits and the Animals They Endanger
      Sprawl-- CDC: Urban Sprawl and Public Health