Enviornment: Learn More

These external resources were used to write new environment questions for the 2015-16 program year. These resources correspond with the "word of the day" feature and weekly vocabulary quiz. These links are provided as a convenience and are not an endorsement by LifeSmarts.

    Buffer-- USDA: Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation
Waste Management
    Recycle-- EPA: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Buy Recycled
    Food waste-- National Consumers League: Wasted: Solutions to the American Food Waste Problem
Atmosphere, Water & Land
    Erosion-- Virginia Cooperative Extension: Reducing Erosion and Runoff
    Ethanol-- Consumer Reports: The Great Ethanol Debate
    R-value-- FTC: Home Insulation: It's All About the R-Value
    Extinction-- OneGreenPlanet: 5 Reckless Consumption Habits and the Animals They Endanger
    Sprawl-- CDC: Urban Sprawl and Public Health