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Safety Smart

LifeSmarts Announces Partnership with UL’s Safety Smart® Ambassador Program


Send us your project assessments to be eligible for monthly prizes and scholarships. Click here.

LifeSmarts is offering an exciting new opportunity for its participants: Safety Smart! Our latest expansion effort and partnership, with Underwriters Laboratories, (UL), is offering teens a chance to focus on health and safety curriculum while giving back through community service.

Sign up for the LifeSmarts Safety Smart Ambassador program. We give you everything you need: the presentations, the lesson plans, the worksheets, and videos featuring Timon and Pumbaa from Disney’s the Lion King.

You take it from there – you get to present the fun, entertaining content to kids ages 4-10, and you can use it to fulfill whatever community service requirements you may have. You also have the chance to win prizes and scholarships.

Lesson components:

Coach Lesson
Lesson Logistics
Safety Ambassador Goes Green Lesson, K-2
Safety Ambassador Goes Green Lesson, 3-4
Safety Ambassador Healthy & Fit Lesson, K-2
LifeSmarts Safety Smart PowerPoint
LifeSmarts Safety Smart PowerPoint Notes

Activities Goes Green

Activities Healthy & Fit

Report back, apply for prizes and scholarships:

LifeSmarts Safey Smart Ambassador Lesson Assessment

Get videos:

Stream the Safety Smart videos from the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) site at:

Goes Green
Healthy & Fit

Or order videos: LifeSmarts Safety Smart Video Order Form.

Additional resources:

Safety Smart Newsletter

As one teen told us after making a Safety Smart presentation, “Little kids are not that bad and teaching them was fun. Also, kids enjoy having visitors in their classroom – especially older students.”