September 2017 e-news

Life Smarts

LifeSmarts is back! What you need to know to get started

Welcome back! LifeSmarts staff is excited to kick off the program’s 24th year!

Returning coaches and players will find their registrations still active, so you just need to login to get started. New coaches and players will register first, then login.

To create LifeSmarts teams for the new program year, follow these three steps:

1. Coaches log in and create teams in the Coach’s Corner.

2. Players log in and, using the Player’s Corner, join a team created by their coach. After taking the pre-test, students can use practice quizzes or even start competing!

3. The coach appoints one student as the team captain, and you’re good to go.

Exciting new features at!

An updated “Word of the Day” feature. Each day we post a content vocabulary term, its definition, a corresponding resource, and a related LifeSmarts question. This is a ready-made bell-ringer, a great way to enhance your daily lessons, and an excellent starting point for teams preparing for competition.

New Question-of-the-Day Calendars. Use these in class, for team practice, or even to host a short LifeSmarts competition.

Join the new LifeSmarts Coaches Facebook page. Send an email to moderator Sam Schacter ( to be added to the list. The group allows educators to stay in touch, share competition and teaching strategies, and bounce ideas off one another.

Just in time for football season, check out the LifeSmarts-specific edition of Visa’s Financial Football which offers more than 1,000 practice questions in a fun format.

And back by popular demand:

Use the Daily Quiz as a bell-ringer activity. Each time you launch the quiz, you get five new questions that cover all LifeSmarts subjects.

Monthly TeamSmarts quizzes from September through January focus on a specific LifeSmarts topic each month. The September quiz focuses on health and safety. NEW this year – $100 cash prizes will be available to the top Varsity, FBLA, FCCLA, 4-H, and JV teams each month!

Check out the new LifeSmarts Adventure episode! This is a great practice tool that students can use independently.

Thanks for joining us for the 2017-18 LifeSmarts year! As always, we want to hear from you! Contact us to let us know what you think.

LifeSmarts: Learn it, Live it!