National LifeSmarts Championship 2018

The National Consumers League will host the 24th National LifeSmarts Championship April 21-24, 2018, in San Diego, California

We look forward to seeing 33 state champion teams compete in San Diego!


All competitions and program events will take place at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa.

Information to help Teams prepare for Nationals 2018

Competition highlights:

LifeSmarts is an academically rigorous and engaging competition in which all teams compete multiple times and top teams and individual students are recognized for high achievement. This year’s competition will include:

  • Pre-Event Competition
  • Sister Team Activity
  • Individual Assessments
  • Speed Smarts Team Activity
  • Three Buzzer Matches or more
  • Round of 16, knock-out bracket
  • Last Smartie Standing
  • An updated Challenge procedure
  • Exciting semi-final and final matches

The LifeSmarts OTC Medicine Safety Mentoring Project offers a new community service team activity:

This new community service project offers LifeSmarts students the opportunity to become over-the-counter (OTC) medicine safety mentors to younger students.

UL’s Safety Smart program enhances the program:

Our ongoing partnership with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) encourages LifeSmarts students to become Safety Smart Ambassadors, focus on health and safety curriculum, teach younger children, and give back in their communities.

Special opportunities at-large automatic bids:

Teams are invited to participate in a special competition that combines a student presentation, coach recommendation, and a TeamSmarts test in January that provides at-large spots representing various student leadership organizations. The winning teams receive a travel stipend to help offset costs. Learn more here.


In LifeSmarts, teams of High School students, supported by adult coaches, represent their states or national student leadership organizations to compete for the National LifeSmarts Championship. Throughout competition students gain points for correctly answering questions about cybersecurity, credit reports, recycling, nutrition, consumer fraud, and much more.

LifeSmarts seeks volunteer and financial support

The National Consumers League relies on sponsors and volunteers to run the National LifeSmarts Championship each year. Click here to learn all the ways you and your organization can get involved and show support for today’s consumer-savvy youth.


I’m an alumni interested in coming to Nationals. Am I allowed to volunteer?

Of course! Everyone is welcome at LifeSmarts, especially our alumni. We’d love for you to stay in touch with us and join our LinkedIn group as well.

Anyone is welcome attend as a spectator at the National LifeSmarts Championship, no registration is required. The National Consumers League assumes no liability for spectators attending the competition. Spectators may only attend events open to the public. If a spectator wishes to attend a catered luncheon, he or she must register and purchase a meal ticket (based upon availability).

In addition to spectating, alumni are welcome to volunteer. Former participants well-versed in the rules of the game make excellent officials. Those wishing to volunteer must register online and specify the times they are available. Volunteers are welcome to join us for group meals on the days they are volunteering (no ticket required). All volunteers are informed of their assignments in late March.

We are unable provide financial assistance to participants traveling to Nationals. Attendees are responsible for covering all costs, including transportation and accommodations. The National Consumers League assumes no liability for those attending the competition.

Just like every player competing at Nationals, all attendees under the age of 18 must be chaperoned and must submit a release form signed by his/her parent or legal guardian.