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This month’s leaders


FBLA - TeamSmarts November
1.298Grundy County TN FBLA-Sanders/Hunt -- TN
2.276Limitless -- NJ
3.268John Marshall 8 -- WV
4.259The Tigers 2 -- FL
5.253nphs1713 -- IN
6.242Boulder Gold -- CO
7.241Schlesselman/Rogers -- MO
8.237BrahmaSeven -- CA
9.233AHSFBLA3 -- ND
9.233nphs175 -- IN


FCCLA - TeamSmarts November
1.342Falcons 18 FCCLA -- MO
2.255West County FCCLA -- MO
3.237Bison Brains -- MO
4.177Future Teachers -- MO
5.167Adair FCCLA -- OK
6.139SHS Red -- TX


LifeSmarts - TeamSmarts November
1.423Dallas High School -- PA
2.349Royals -- NH
3.342Falcons 17 MO -- MO
4.330After School Group I -- ND
5.248DC Varsity -- GA
6.237Bison Brains -- MO
7.235Linn Varsity -- MO
8.213AOIT VI -- HI
8.213Paxon Gold -- FL
10.209Econoponax Alpha -- VA


4-H - TeamSmarts November
There are no submissions for this quiz.


JV - TeamSmarts November
1.153JV Wildcats -- MO
2.142Rockdale County 4-H: JV -- GA
3.119DC Juniors -- GA

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