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    Getting Started

    LifeSmarts has an updated Web site, and we want to introduce you to some of the new features you’ll find and help you get acquainted with how the site works:


    Links to Guides and other Getting Started Tools:

    Pathways: Getting Started guides

    How To LifeSmarts — Register for Competition

    TeamSmarts — A Quick Start Guide

    LifeSmarts FBLA Competitive Event

    How to Register Coaches and Players for LifeSmarts

    How to Register for the FBLA Competitive Event

    National Webinar for New & Returning Coaches

    Once logged in, this is what players can see in the Competitions tab:

    Players page quizzes


    getting started

    I don’t want my players taking competition quizzes until a certain date. Can coaches set their own start date?

    Yes. Coaches have the ability to set a different start date for their players, provided it is after the date set by the state coordinator. Check your state’s page for the specific testing window open to players in your state.

    To set a later start date for your teams, go to the “Profile” tab of the Coach’s Corner. At the bottom of the profile is a box marked “Coach Competition Start Date”

    How do I select the team captain?
    1. To select your captain, login, then click on the coach section, and “my teams page.”
    2. Next to the team you want, click “inspect/edit.”
    3. Scroll down, click on “Team Players”.
    4. Under “Actions” you’ll see “TC.” Click on the button of the student you wish to be your Team Captain.
    How do players register?

    Players go to the LifeSmarts homepage and click the “Register” tab. Follow the steps to register.

    How do I register?

    Rather watch our video? Click here to learn how to register as a coach, register as a student, or select a captain for your team.

    Everyone registers using the same “register” button in the top right-hand corner of the site. Register once, and in all subsequent visits choose the login button instead. Usernames and passwords carry over from year to year.

    When you register you will let us know if you are a coach or a student player. You will create your own username and password which you will use to login on future visits, provide contact and demographics information, complete a “captcha” and click, “Register with LifeSmarts.”

    Use the login button to get to your coach or student page.

    Where can coaches find players’ scores?

    Coaches can see student and team scores:

    1. Login
    2. Click on the “Coaches” tab
    3. Click the “Competitions” tab
    4. Click on “Competition Quizzes” to see practice scores and competition scores for each student

    Coaches can also see players’ scores in other events as well, click the corresponding tab (i.e. “TeamSmarts”, “FBLA/FCCLA Challenge”, or “Practice Quiz Scores”).

    Where can I find more information on LifeSmarts U?

    LifeSmarts U information can be found here, under the “Resources” tab on the home page or by clicking on the “LifeSmarts U” button in the Base Camp.

    Where can I find the lesson plans and teaching materials, such as the “Question of the Day” calendars?

    Materials are found under the “Resources” tab on the home page.

    Where are the official quizzes located that affect our team and individual scores?

    After the start date for your state (default date of September 14, unless it was changed by your state coordinator or your coach) students will find the quizzes under the “Competitions” tab of the Player’s Corner. Coaches do not see competition quizzes, but they can track student scores.

    I would like to be a coach and start my own team, how do I begin that process?

    Great! Prospective coaches should go to the LifeSmarts homepage and click the “Register” tab. Follow the steps to register.

    Next, set up your teams and have students begin registering.

    I registered last year. Do I need to register again?

    No. Since the 2013-14 program year, registrations have carried over for both coaches and students. If you cannot remember your password, click on “log in” and use the “Lost your password” feature to re-set it. If you cannot remember your username, contact LifeSmarts staff. If your email (or other information) has changed, login and click on “Profile” to update your information.

    What happened to the FBLA-NLC teams from last year?

    They’re still here, only the name has changed: the old FBLA-NLC teams are now called just “FBLA”. The “old FBLA” (not NLC) teams were a special type of Varsity team, and this year we’ve streamlined them with the other Varsity teams.

    There are two things the new “FBLA” teams can do: participate in the monthly FBLA TeamSmarts quizzes, and qualify for the FBLA National Leadership Conference in the summer.

    “Varsity” teams are open to everyone, including FBLA chapters. Varsity players qualify through online quizzes before advancing to state competitions, which lead to the National LifeSmarts Championship in April.

    Players may compete on both FBLA and Varsity teams.

    What does it cost to participate?

    There is no registration fee to participate at any level of the LifeSmarts program, and all of our educational resources are provided free of charge.

    Teams advancing to in-person competitions may be required to cover personal expenses such as meals, lodging, or transportation. Please ask your state coordinator for more information.

    What is TeamSmarts?

    TeamSmarts is a 100-question test, used as a team study tool with various competitions throughout the year.

    More information about TeamSmarts is available here.