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    There are several ways you can get involved:

    Learn more about LifeSmarts--

    This 2-page PDF describes how the LifeSmarts program works and what your support can provide.

    Donate to NCL--

    LifeSmarts can’t move forward without financial support. Check with your employer or other local businesses about charitable donations, you can join the League for less than 3 dollars a month!

    Join our Alumni on LinkedIn--

    LifeSmarts invites all of its former players, coaches, coordinators, supporters and volunteers to join our Alumni Association. Former participants can gain valuable networking and volunteer opportunities while reconnecting with a worthwhile program!

    Connect on Social Media--

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all things LifeSmarts. You can submit stories, photo and videos about your LifeSmarts experience: great testimonials help us reach more teams and sponsors!

    Write Questions--

    Each year, over 3,000 questions are used in LifeSmarts competitions; and while some of these questions are from previous years, many of them are brand new. These new questions keeps our content relevant to today’s teenage consumers, a project that’s vital in today’s constantly evolving marketplace.


    Lifesmarts is just as fun behind the scenes – and it couldn’t happen without hard-working volunteers. Sign up for updates to see when the game is coming near you, or reach out to your state coordinator to learn more!