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FBLA LifeSmarts Competitive Event

DSC05662The FBLA LifeSmarts competitive event begins with the online Challenge, and the 12 top-scoring teams from each Challenge are eligible to participate at the FBLA National Leadership Conference.

Two Challenges are offered during the school year:

  • Fall Competition–October 16-November 10, 2017
  • Spring Competition–January 29-February 23, 2018

Teams of two complete three Challenge activities to earn a cumulative score:

  1. Working individually, both students complete a 60-question quiz across all LifeSmarts topic areas
  2. Students work as a team to complete the 50-question TeamSmarts personal finance assessment
  3. Students work as a team to complete the 50-question TeamSmarts assessment on consumer topics

Steps to register and compete in the online Challenge:


  1. The chapter adviser registers online as a coach.
  2. The adviser creates teams. (Names should  include the school and students’ names.) Choose “FBLA” as your team type.
  3. Students register and join their team. (Students may join one Varsity team AND one FBLA team.)
  4. The adviser  selects a captain for each team.
  5. Students use practice quizzes and other online resources.
  6. Students may compete any time during the Challenge, but must complete all three activities before midnight EST on the final day.
  7. Students work independently and each takes a 60-question quiz across all LifeSmarts topics.
  8. TeamSmarts quizzes will be assigned to the captain. The captain will work together with his or her teammate to complete both TeamSmarts quizzes. One focuses on personal finance, and the second focuses on other consumer topics.
  9. When the Challenge is complete, FBLA will notify advisers of the teams advancing to the NLC.

This screenshot shows the various quizzes available in the Competitions tab of the Player’s corner:

Players page quizzes

Notes about the FBLA LifeSmarts Competitive Event:

    • A team member cannot be on more than one FBLA team.
    • A chapter may have any number of teams compete.
    • Teams may compete in both the fall and spring Challenges.
    • The top twelve (12) teams per Challenge advance to the NLC, but only one per state, per Challenge.
    • FBLA has rules about repeat competitors. Review them by clicking here, and scrolling down to general guidelines.

For additional FBLA-specific details, please see Page 76 of the FBLA Chapter Management Handbook.

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Please contact us with any additional questions. Good luck!