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    Automatic Bids

    LifeSmarts is adding five automatic bids to create additional spots for new teams, to enjoy the camaraderie and high level of competition at the National LifeSmarts Championship.

    Teams may apply for an automatic bid by completing a three-step process:

    1. Submit the Online Application, which includes a presentation that demonstrates both their application of consumer knowledge and desire to compete at the National level, due December 1

    2. Complete all individual Online Qualifying Quizzes, due December 31

    3. Complete the special January Wild Card TeamSmarts test, due January 31

    Teams receiving an automatic bid from the National Consumers League will be notified by February 15. Teams will receive at least $1,000 in travel stipend funding to put toward their team’s travel expenses to attend the National LifeSmarts Championship.


    Applications will be evaluated using this rubric. The maximum score is 200 points:


    (80 points possible)

    • Student presentation (40 points)

    • Coach statement (20 points)

    • Participation in LifeSmarts service projects (20 points)

    School Participation

    (40 points possible)

    • Previous participation online or state competitions (2 points per year active, up to 10 points)

    • Previous participation at Nationals (add 5 points for every consecutive year missed, up to 20 points)

    • School enrollment demographics (10 points)

    TeamSmarts Score

    (80 points possible)

    • Also known as the January Wild Card test, points are awarded across an 80-point curve

    Additional Requirements

    At least one automatic bid will be awarded to a team from FBLA, a team from FCCLA, and a team from 4-H. This replaces the “wild card” bids that have been awarded to FBLA & FCCLA teams in the past.

    Teams may still compete for a state championship while applying for an automatic bid. The same school cannot have both a state bid and an automatic bid, and if they receive both must decide which bid to release. The next-highest scoring team from the bid declined will receive that invitation and any stipends attached to it.

    Teams may not receive automatic bids in consecutive years, even if it the team is comprised of new players or players competing through another organization. Schools that earn an automatic bid must qualify through their state championship the following year to attend Nationals in consecutive years.

    More information will be made available this fall.