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Underwriters Laboratories Supports LifeSmarts

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In 2012, the National Consumers League (NCL) announced a major expansion to its LifeSmarts program: a new opportunity for high school students to conduct mentoring and service learning programs in their communities as the result of a partnership with the global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories, UL.

UL has supported NCL and LifeSmarts for more than a decade through financial contributions, in-kind donations, and with staff serving as volunteer judges and question masters. Because both organizations encourage and empower children and young adults to practice safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible behavior, and both strive to equip young people with relevant, real-world knowledge, UL and LifeSmarts decided to combine efforts on a joint educational project. Utilizing the existing program format, LifeSmarts built a service learning component that incorporates UL’s Safety Smart® materials. LifeSmarts participants acting as Safety Smart Ambassadors are trained to deliver critical and educational messages covering home, water, fire, environment, online, health, good character and transportation lessons related to safety.

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“UL has been a long-time supporter of the LifeSmarts program because we value equipping young people with relevant, real-world knowledge,” said Cara Gizzi, Director Public Safety Advocacy, Education and Outreach for UL. “We’re thrilled that this partnership gives us an opportunity to recruit new, highly-motivated Safety Smart Ambassadors, and share our safety science knowledge and expertise with all LifeSmarts participants.”

“We are excited about our partnership with UL to provide the student leaders involved with LifeSmarts a relevant, hands-on way to give back to younger students in their communities, ” said Lisa Hertzberg, LifeSmarts Program Director. “The lessons aimed at younger kids are a win-win, providing high school LifeSmarts participants a dynamic leadership opportunity and their younger counterparts important lessons about being safe, healthy and environmentally-conscious. This mentoring and service-learning component has engaged LifeSmarts students by offering them a fun, meaningful, and accessible program to deliver to their communities.”