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    LifeSmarts Adventure: Episode Two open now

    Check out the next episode of LifeSmarts Adventure, the new LifeSmarts app. You’ll wind your way through the neighborhood, running errands and answering LifeSmarts questions at stops such as the bank, grocery store, gas station and more. Track your progress and see how your knowledge stacks up against students, alumni, coaches, and LifeSmarts friends across the country.

    We’re excited about the new app – it is a great addition to the LifeSmarts treasure chest of fun practice tools you can find at LifeSmarts.org.

    Congrats to the winners in the 1st episode of LifeSmarts Adventure: National Parks!

    The top three travelers receiving trophies for their overall scores are:
    1. Nkishi
    2. Mattmetzloff
    3. Wrholder

    And congratulations to all the top-scorers at the various stops along the way! We’ll be posting those longer lists on social media very soon.

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