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    LifeSmarts On The Road: Reaching out to Extension agents

    The past few weeks, I’ve been on the road working exhibit halls with Extension agents across the country: first with Family and Consumer Science agents at the NEAFCS conference in Big Sky, Montana, and then with nearly 1500 4-H agents at the NAE4-HA conference in New Orleans. This was the first time I had been to either place, but fortunately there were plenty of familiar faces and friends of LifeSmarts all around (including our Virginia state coordinator Kim Edmonds and Georgia state coordinator Cheryl Varnadoe). We spent a lot of time playing the LifeSmarts game and talking about all the great resources available on our website — and to many of the new attendees’ surprise, all of our materials are available absolutely free!

    Whether you’re looking for an activity to supplement a curriculum unit or wanting to prepare your Consumer Bowl team for competition — or anything in between — LifeSmarts makes an excellent choice for your Extension office. As you see below, it’s not just popular with kids, grown-ups love the competition just as much (if not more!)


    Jeremy, Brittani, and Pam are all 4-H agents who use LifeSmarts with their students. Now it’s their turn to see who has the fastest finger!


    A great crowd of FCS agents in Big Sky!

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