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    LifeSmarts Essay Contest Winners

    Last month, we asked you to share your LifeSmarts story and how you “learn it. live it.” every day, in our first ever LifeSmarts Essay Contest. And what you wrote was genuinely touching. Here are a few quotes from our three winners:

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    “How did you know to do that?” “Wow, that was fast!” “That was impressive, where did you learn that?” My answer to this? One word. LifeSmarts. In November, 2015, I participated in the LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl through the organization FCCLA. I developed new skills that will last me a life time, made bonds that will never break, and have become a better person because of it. I only have one thing to say about this whole experience: Thank you, LifeSmarts.” – Kayla K., Ohio


    “Working and learning together as a team has taught us more than just skills for the competition itself — it’s about our future. It’s about becoming the next generation of informed consumers with green thumbs, or doctors and engineers who can advise others on mortgage plans. It’s about giving back to our communities, and making our world a better place, one step at a time.” – Alyssa S., Connecticut

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    “LifeSmarts is something that goes beyond a simple contest, and a chance to just win an award of some kind. LifeSmarts is something that teaches life-long lessons and instills important values in people that participate. If one participates in LifeSmarts it is guaranteed that one will learn not only things about themselves, but about life in general.’ – Jacob S., Florida

    We also awarded an honorable mention to Ethan E. from Virginia and Austin H. from Missouri, and our other Top Ten Finalists: Justin C. from Missouri, Sophia G. from Arizona, Norton K. from Hawaii, Steven L. from Florida, and Amy S. from Florida.

    Inspiration from students like you are what encourage us to continue making LifeSmarts a successful program. From everyone at LifeSmarts, thank you!

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