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    22nd National LifeSmarts Championship a Success

    LifeSmarts looks great at 22! We put a bow on the year with a fantastic National LifeSmarts Championship earlier this month in Denver. Check out coverage in our photo gallery and on our winning-PAFacebook page.

    Some of my favorite things at Nationals this year included:

    • Great teams from across the country – 33 teams demonstrating their consumer smarts to compete with class throughout the four-day event
    • Engaged Student Advisory Board and LifeSmarts Advisory Board – the energy is amazing!
    • So many teams becoming Safety Smart Ambassadors! More than 3,000 young children attended LifeSmarts Safety Smart presentations the month before Nationals
    • Celebrating my birthday with 300 of my closest LifeSmarts friends
    • Denver: Love it! And we missed big snowstorms
    • Wonderful support and dedication from LifeSmarts State Coordinators, Sponsors, and Volunteers – thank you!

    Congratulations to our 2016 winners!
    1st place: Dallas High School, Dallas, PA
    Captain: Lauren Hudak; Coach: Kevin West
    Team: Chris Biesecker, C.J. Good, Matt Metzloff, Troy Reinert

    2nd place: Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Jacksonville, FL
    Captain: Evan Spaulding ; Coach: Kathryn Loggie
    Team: Joseph Cain, Sara Fearing. Tuffa Said, Stevin Smith

    3rd place: ‘Iolani School, Honolulu, HI
    Captain: Chase Nakamura; Coach: James Rubasch
    Team: Sean Callahan, Norton Kishi, Landon Sur, Drey Tengan

    3rd place: Coffee County 4-H, Coffee County, TN
    Captain: Emily Yardumian; Coach: Michelle Matthews
    Team: Marian Anderson, Adrienne Calderwood, Lydia Calderwood

    4th place: Salesianum School, Wilmington, DE
    Captain: Andrew Hally; Coach: George Horn
    Team: Austin Barry, Austin Lin, Joe Mullen, Owen Riley

    4th place: Iola High School, Iola, KS
    Captain: Taylor Heslop; Coach: Jean Johns
    Team: Ryan Eyster, Yohon Sinclair, Abigail Taylor, Clara Wicoff

    4th place: Cranbrook Kingswood School, Bloomfield Hills, MI
    Captain: Michael Bian; Coach: Kurt Godfryd
    Team: Taeyoung Han, Samuel Inloes, Daniel Lee

    4th place: Mascoma Valley Regional High School, Canaan, NH
    Captain: Ken Severance-Camp; Coach: Shawn Joyce
    Team: Pascal Bakker, Raymond Gonzalez, Lukus Labrie, Graeme Lambert

    Individual Honors:
    Michael Lamontagne, RI, first place
    Evan Spaulding, FL
    Norton Kishi, HI
    Lauren Hudak, PA
    Julia Shirley, ND

    Personal Finance
    Alyssa Simoes, CT, first place
    Troy Reinert, PA
    Andrew Sheinberg, RI
    Connor Searle, LA
    Joe Mullen, DE

    Health and Safety
    Ethan Epstein, VA, first place
    Matt Metzloff, PA
    Ian FitzGerald, RI
    Anna Blanchard, AZ
    Owen Riley, DE
    Abigail Taylor, KS

    Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
    Eli Shea, RI, first place
    Nolan Carvalho, MA
    C.J. Good, PA
    Adam Slighte, WA
    Ryan Eyster, KS

    Chris Biesecker, PA, first place
    Samuel Inloes, MI
    Tuffa Said, FL
    Lukus Labrie, NH
    Daniel Sheinberg, RI

    Last Smarty Standing
    Klajdi Gjonaj, CT
    Alyssa Simoes, CT
    Adam Slighte, WA

    Coaches of the Year
    Donna Mancuso, CT
    Kevin West, PA

    Students of the Year
    Taylor Heslop, KS
    Brandon Mahsetky, CA

    Coordinator of the Year
    Jim Hedemark, RI

    Important 2016-2017 Dates
    Like to plan ahead? Here are major dates for the 23rd program year:

    • September 12, 2016: LifeSmarts competition begins live online
    • January 1 – March 11, 2017: State Competitions will be held
    • April 21-25, 2017: National LifeSmarts Championship in Pittsburgh, PA
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