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    6 Incentives to Compete in LifeSmarts

    6 Incentives to Compete in LifeSmarts

    Welcome back to all coaches, students and coordinators. I hope everyone had a great summer. The LifeSmarts team has been diligently working in order to make this upcoming year the most exciting yet! In addition to the usual core of our program, you’ll find we have added a new piece in hopes of bringing more teams in called “The 6 Incentives to Compete in LifeSmarts .” If you are already a part of LifeSmarts then you know firsthand how great the program is, hopefully this piece will encourage new teams to join in on the fun.

    Students and coaches helped us identify these 6 LifeSmarts incentives:

    1. Winning scholarship money.
    2. Traveling the country and visiting new cities.
    3. Making lifelong connections and friends through the program.
    4. Competing against kids from across the country.
    5. Learning lessons that will help you throughout life.
    6. Networking with our NEW LifeSmarts alumni organization.

    For educators, the LifeSmarts team polled many students, teachers and coaches for insight on this list, so thank you all! The official colorful infographic would make a great classroom poster to get students interested in joining a LifeSmarts team! We would like everyone to print off a copy and pass it along to your friends in school. Let them know how the LifeSmarts program has positively impacted your life.

    Rashaud Nixon

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